Services and Products

Solid Dry Film Lubrication Application Services and Manufacturer of Solid Film Lubricants

Lubrication Applications Services:

Meeting exacting standards on many Aerospace components:

Gimbal Bearings, Flex Duct Bearings, Journal Bearings, Acme Screw Threads, Slides, Ramps, Hinges, Splines, Shafts, Bushings, Gears, Ball Screws, Latches, Cams, Rollers, Clevises, Threads, Seals Reverser Linkage and more.

Solid Film Lubricants:

High Quality Solid Film Lubricants manufactured and applied by National Process Industries — NPI-14, NPI-16, NPI-425 and sole source for Vitro-Lube NPI-1220 and NPI-1220C. Also, application and processing of other MIL-Spec Solid Film Lubricant coatings.

Program Diversity:

    • Aerospace/Defense
    • Space Programs: United States, Commercial, International
    • Aircraft: Military, Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Commercial


    • NADCAP
    • ITAR
    • Confict Materials Free
    • FAA Repair Station
    • TRAC
    • United States/Canada Joint Certification Program
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