Some of the many programs that rely on the superior performance of Vitrolube:

Space Shuttle

    • Main Engine (SMEE) Gimbal Bearing Assembly
    • Payload Retention System
    • External Tank (ET)
    • Interface Support Bearings
    • GO2 Diffuser Assembly

ESA (European Space Agency)

    • Sentinel Satellites Hold Down Mechanisms

ISS (International Space Station)

    • Powered Bolt & Nut Assemblies CBM
    • Mobile Transporter
    • Canadaarm Remote Manipulator System (SSRM)
    • Joint Gears

Commercial Aircraft

    • Support Steering Components
    • Ducting Systems
    • Propulsion & Engine Support Systems
    • Passenger & Cargo Door Support Mechanisms
    • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)


    • Power Plant Support Systems

B-70 Bomber Mach 3

    • Power System Linkage Bearings

V-22 Osprey

    • Propulsion Support Bearings


    • Gun Door Control System

F-5 Norair

    • Wing Bolt

B-2 Bomber

    • Power Plant Support Systems

Antares Launch Vehicle

    • Propulsion Gimbal Bearing Assembly

Clinch River Breeder Reactor

    • Handling Mechanism

And of course past and current programs that nobody wants to talk about....

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