National Process Industries was formed in 1963 by two friends from completely different backgrounds, Lon Chaney and Roy Smith. Rather than follow his father and grandfather in the acting business, Lon had a successful career as a manufacturing engineer and manager with a large heating and air conditioning company. Roy was responsible for marketing with one of the companies that was a pioneer in the solid dry film lubricant industry. Their combination of talents proved to be quite successful in developing a company that has a reputation for supplying quality products to aerospace and other industries.

Lon and Roy have since passed on, but the high standards they established are the cornerstone of what we do best — the manufacture and application of solid film lubricants.

10,000 Square Feet Interior Working Area

Quality Control / Final Inspection

Grit Blasting for Surface Prep

Trained Spray Technician

Calibrated Batch Ovens

Calibrated High Temperature Kiln

Falex Pin and Vee Block Test Machine

Pin and Vee Block Test Specimens After Wear Life Testing

From Left to Right: Lon Chaney Jr., Vice-President; Connie Chaney, CEO; Shuttle Astronaut Terry W. Virts; Mark Haley, President and General Manager

NPI was honored with a visit from Space Shuttle Astronaut Terry W. Virts and representatives from Lockheed Martin. During the visit, NPI was presented an accommodation from NASA and the crew of Atlantis STS-117 for its years of commitment to the Space Shuttle program.

From Left to Right: Mark Haley, President and General Manager; Dick Covey, CEO of United Space Alliance; Lon Chaney Jr., Vice-President

NPI was honored with a visit from the CEO of United Space Alliance (USA) and four-time Shuttle Astronaut Dick Covey and other USA representatives. During the visit, NPI was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for dedicated service to United Space Alliance.

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